40-days to Freedom From the Devil

40-days Fast

from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday

40-days Fast

from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday

The battle mission, "Ash Wednesday", the 40-Days to Freedom from the Devil 2021

commenced on on Ash Wednesday 2021 and lasted to Palm Sunday;

40 days between February 17 to March 28

We will close it for now until the next battle mission!

The good news is that this will be in our regular prayer calander for Ash Wednesday 2022.

The original idea and material comes from the US Grace Force and the three Fathers;

Father William Peckman, Father Richard Heilman and Father James Altman.

Battlefield Rosary take no credit for the required material that they have produced.

Our task; per request from our Step-by-Step Rosary partner, the Commander Cross Rosary, was to put all bits and pieces into a Step-by-Step package and to make it user-friendly.

Commander Cross Rosary answered the call from the US Grace Force in July 2020.

We improved our website material for the new battle mission: Ash Wednesday 2021.

And, we look forward to Ash Wednesday 2022!